Courtyard Pleasance - Edinburgh
August 4th - 29th @ 10:30 PM

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"Teeuwen’s in a world – and a class – of his own. Bloody weird but bloody funny, his affected madness is a distinctive delight." CHORTLE see full review here: »view article online

"This year's demonic and destabilising show sends audiences out into the night wrung dry of laughter and looking shell shocked" Guardian ***** See full review here: »view article online

"The absurdist Dutch comedian whose musical tribute to the late Michael Jackson is worth the admission price alone" Sunday Times

"An exercise in shock and awe" Independent **** »view article online

"It's brilliantly done…peerless standards of originality …" Scotsman **** 'Hotshow' See full review here: »view article online

"For any dedicated comedy fan, he's a true must-see" Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

"In his gloriously times finale, he deliberately pounces on our prudish sensibilities with a song so brilliantly explicit it would be ruining it to explain. Suffice to say it is the perfect end to a near-perfect routine, rounding off a show that should be another large stepping stone in Teeuwen's attempt to conquer the UK" Fest *****

UK/EIRE COVERAGE 2007 - 2009

"Teeuwen is divisive in the way that Marmite might be considered divisive, if Marmite was also radioactive and militantly pro-choice. His comedy is not only a matter of taste; it requires an irony threshold the size of a postal district and enough familiarity with comedy to know just how subversive he is being. In short, he is revolutionary." Irish Times

"Truly the most remarkably bizarre performer I've ever watched. His mind frightens me" Ruby Wax

"He's a hugely valuable addition to the circuit - one of those inspirational stand-up orators, like a Bill Hicks or a Doug Stanhope, whose message once sampled is hard to forget" Guardian 4/4/09 »view article online

"one of two stand-out stars of the night; joyous news for those who would argue that you don’t need to be bland to be popular... when [Teeuwen] bangs out his brilliant set pieces as he did here, his manic energy, air of unpredictability and just plain daftness hits the spot. He’s never going to be for everyone – many were surely baffled by why a man making his sock puppet eat a Mars bar could possibly be funny – but his songs about Nostradamus, his own name and a convoluted story about the sort of movies he likes certainly won this twisted cabaretier plenty of fans tonight." Chortle

"a bizarre treat; ...rubber-faced, filthy-minded infectious madness" Leicester Mercury

“This guy is a radical genius” Time Out  

"After all, he is one of the few comedians now working to whom the word genius might be applied, if only because no other terms seem any more, or less, suitable. Watching his shows is unlike any other standup experience: one minute you are hysterical, the next, you want to hide behind your chair." ***** The Guardian 8/8/08 »view article online

“Being Dutch, Hans Teeuwen does not know that stand-up's aren't supposed to combine such mutually exclusive modes of operation as freeform surrealism, obscene physical clowning, incisive political satire, note perfect musical parody and spontaneous improvisation in the same show, and appears to have become an entirely unique proposition perhaps entirely by accident ... the best stand-up I’ve seen in ages” Stewart Lee

“Teeuwen is among the funniest performers I have seen, and his sado-Dadaist cabaret is a masterclass in laughter … [he] brings to the material a potent combination of delinquent devilry, recklessness and a commitment that is so intense, so physical, it could stun anyone at 20 paces. Which is more or less what Teeuwen does” ***** The Guardian, 24/1/08

“… Teeuwen is about as funny as funny gets” **** The Times

"Surely one of the top five comics in the world"  Scotsman  

"Teeuwen is a sublime example of absurdist and surrealist comedy, his flawless delivery gutsy and energetic. If there are still tickets left by the time you read this, go and see him - you'd be mad not to spend some time with this breathtaking performer" ***** Metro

“An unholy mix of Nick Cave, Chris Morris, Jim Carrey and Iggy Pop (and probably a few more besides), the Dutch comedian is hard to take your eyes off.” The Independent 28/1/08

“absurdist Dutch genius” The Times 8/10/08

"Brilliantly absurd comedy from the seriously talented Dutchman” Metro 17/10/08

“it's impossible not to warm to his expressive beatnik charm” Daily Telegraph, 29/1/08

“.the missing link between Les Dawson and Victor Borge … reminiscent of legendary anti-comedian Andy Kaufman, or, more precisely, Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman in the biopic Man on the Moon. He is certainly fearless, certainly boundary-pushing and certainly skilful.” Evening Standard 26/1/08

New Statesman Feature Interview - very good for background »view article online  

Scotsman Feature Interview »view article online

  The Times Feature Interview »view article online Theo Van Gogh's Memorial - muslin girls collide - for which Hans won "Best TV Moment 2007"  (Holland) - Nostradamus

Teeuwen, first came to British attention headlining the AMSTERDAM COMEDY COLLECTIVE at the Edinburgh Comedy Rooms in August 2007 when he was described as ‘the find of this year’s festival” by the Guardian. Invited by Soho Theatre to perform a two-week season last January, Teeuwen sold the venue out before he opened. Hans then won a 2008 Chortle Award. He played six nights at the Arts Theatre in April 08, he sold-out his first solo gigs at the at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008 and appeared on the bill of Amnesty International’s Stand-up for Freedom gig. He appeared at BAC and Leicester Square Theatre in October 2008. And performed a further sell out week at Leicester Square Theatre in March 2009 and then sold out the Udderbelly at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe during August 2009. He has also performed at numerous UK and Irish festivals including Latitude, Leicester Comedy Festival, Glasgow Comedy Festival, Cat Laughs Comedy Festival in Kilkenny and Manchester Comedy Festival. For further information please contact Sally Homer on 07973 142127 or